First In Series Books £1 @Waterstones

First In Series Books £1 @Waterstones


Waterstons are offering the first book from five series for £1, with free delivery.

This deal was actually posted on HUKD a few weeks ago (thanks verlaque76), but was reposted today, which is where I saw it for the first time.

The idea behind this offer, I guess is to get children hooked on a new series, which is great, really! I loved all the mystery books as a child – The Hardy Boys, Famous Five and Nancy Drew – and would live myself into the series. It was wonderful!

The books on offer here are:

  • Horrid Henry, who tries to be perfect for one day; he learns to dance, quarrels with his arch-enemy Moody Margaret and goes on holiday.
  • Hiccup: How to Train Your Dragon, which is apparently a must read before seeing the film, and is the first in Hiccup's How to Train Your Dragon memoirs.
  • Skulduggery Pleasant is for the slightly older 9- 12 year old readers, as is…
  • … the series on the most ingenious criminal mastermind in history, Artemis Fowl.
  • Lord Loss is the first in the Demonta series for teens, and reading the synopsis, I kind of long for the innocent days of the Famous Five! I’m not into fictional demons and darkness, but the reviewers give it pretty high ratings.

Thanks to ednamay78 at HUKD


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