Roald Dahl Book Collection (15 Books) £14.39 @ The Book People

Roald Dahl Book Collection (15 Books) £14.39 @ The Book People

There are times when I could kiss The Book People folks and this is one of those times - you can pick up a 15-book Roald Dahl Book Collection for just £15.99, rather than its full list price of £85.85.

This will be the fourth time I've written about this Roald Dahl book collection during my time at PlayPennies, if you've missed out on it the previous times then this time could be your time, just remember it never stays in stock very long as it's so popular.

I grew up reading Roald Dahl as a child and I loved every single word of every single book; it would be impossible to pick out a favourite or list them in order of preference because all of Roald Dahl's stories are totally magical.

I have very fond memories reading Fantastic Mr Fox - Foxy was just so cunning and clever and Badger, lovely and cuddly; Danny Champion of the World was utterly gripping and subsequently turned into a fantastic film.

The Twits were just a gross pair of, if memory serves me correctly, 'grizzly gorgons' and who can forget George's Marvellous Medicine and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

WOW, I miss reading all these stories now the teenagers are all grown-up; hurrah for my youngest, then, who still has all these AMAZING stories to enjoy and discover!

I've got a couple of codes for you to use: PANCAKE will bring the price down from £15.99 to £14.39 and AFFREE will qualify you for free delivery of your Roald Dahl book collection.

Thanks to naffy30 at HUKD


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