The River Cottage Handbooks Collection £25 @ The Book People

No rest for the wicked, it seems, really is true - happy Christmas to you (although, WHAT are you doing here?  Why aren't you with your family?!  I have to be here but, trust me, it won't be for any longer than is absolutely necessary)!

ANYWAY, seeing as you are here - and if it's still morning, not quite cooked out and never-want-to-step-foot-in-the-kitchen-until-at-least-next-year yet - then how do you like the look of this River Cottage Handbooks collection?

There are 10 books and the Book People are letting them all go for just £25 - the recommended list price is £110 and over on Amazon they're currently selling for £93.50.

I could happily watch episodes of River Cottage all day and be in a very happy place for the duration - there's something so delightfully British about Hugh FW that makes everything right with the world.

The River Cottage Handbooks Collection features ten practical guides that will help you get the most out of the food we all love - the titles include:

  • Mushrooms - yum!
  • Preserves - even more yum!
  • Bread - I don't eat bread, so you can have that one
  • Veg Patch - seriously yum!
  • Edible Seashore - I could eat anything that grows in or near the sea all day long!
  • Sea Fishing - not keen on the fishing bit, but I'll eat what you catch
  • Hedgerow - blackberrys!
  • Cakes - only now and again
  • Fruit - YUM!
  • Herbs - couldn't do without them

Just marvellous; and even more marvellous...there's no postage to pay - HURRAH!

Thanks to bambam0074 at HUKD

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