Red House Books 5 for £12 or 10 for £20

redHouseLogo Red House Books are having an end of spring sale; HURRAH!

You can choose five titles for just £12 OR 10 titles for a mere £20; the only problem I can foresee with this deal is the  192 books for you to choose from, so picking just five or 10 could prove to be a little tricky...although there's no law that says you can't buy more; you can never have too many books in my opinion!

I've had a quick look through the books on offer and here are a couple that caught my eye...

normaSuitable for ages two and upwards, Norma Snows is a story about an amazingly talented Anteater who can do pretty much anything she turns her hand to and asks  what would happen if Norma's talents abandoned her!

magicShoeBoxPoor Art isn't feeling very well and not even the toy farm inside that 'live' inside a shoe box can entice him to play, but then the lid pops off and out jumps a toy horse!!!  All of a sudden Art starts to shrink and is soon climbing inside the shoe box.  Join Art on an amazing adventure with the Magic Shoebox Farm.

With so many books to choose from there's no question there will be something here for everyone to enjoy; I also have a free delivery code for you to enjoy too - just enter MAYOFFER into the promotional code box in your basket.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey over at HUKD!

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