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books Oh I DO love a good book deal, I love FANTASTIC book deals even more!

So, reading.  It's something we take for granted when we can do it and forget what it was like to learn how to read.  The Oxford University Press have long been established as one of the leading book publishers for books that help speed this process along for your child.

The collection has 31 books with six stories for each of the five levels of reading.  It comes with an easy-to-use handbook that will help YOU to help YOU to learn how make reading fun your child and make sure you both have fun learning together.

kipperThe stories feature well-known characters such as Kipper (I love Kipper, he's just far too cute!),  Chip and Biff and the other  Oxford 'Reading Tree' characters.

If your child is already at school then these books are likely to be familiar to your child because this reading collection has been written so you can help support the reading work your child is doing in the classroom.

Progressing step-by-step through levels one to five your child will learn through repetition of words and sentence patterns and be well on their way to enjoying reading for the rest of their lives.

The Book People have reduced this Read At Home collection by a staggering £108.69, bringing it down to just £15 from £123.69 and if you enter code IS001 at the checkout you'll get an extra 10% off, bringing the price down even further to £13.50.

I tried to find you a free delivery code but none of the ones I know about appear to be working;  if you come across one that does work perhaps you'd drop us a line and let us know!

Now THAT is what I call a DEAL!  Happy reading!

Thanks to Chrisaw over at HUKD!

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  • Pete
    That is a fantastic deal! I'm going to order two sets - they have free delivery on orders over £25, and one will be an ideal gift. Thanks for sharing!
  • and
    wrong kipper
  • Lynley O.
    Oh bless Sarah! But yes, the Kipper in these books (my son has them as reading books from school) is a little boy. It is very confusing and I wish they'd change his name as my son refuses to accept that this can be the name of a little boy.

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