Half Price Inks And Paper @ Boots

Half Price Inks And Paper @ Boots


For those of you who like to print out photos or do scrapbooking or like to create their own invitations, this deal should be a complete winner. Boots are selling selected inks and papers at half their usual price and there are some ace bargains to be had.

With printers being so cheap everyone pretty much owns one but they are also very expensive to maintain. Paper and ink cost a fortune and so we tend to only print things out when we absolutely have to. This deal means you can stock up on essentials and save some much needed cash.

The sale includes selected HP inks for as little as £10, Epson packs down from £71 to £35, Canon colour inks for £15.32, Lexmark cartridges from £10, and Boots photo paper from £5.10. Take a look and see if your cartridges are included and snap them up fast.

Although do check and see if they are on sale elsewhere like Amazon first as Amazon offer free delivery and Boots will charge you for the privilege.

Thanks to leafy at HUKD!


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