Pirate Pete's/ Princess Polly's Potty Sticker Activity Book £1.99 @ Amazon

Potty Stick Activity Books £1.99 @ Amazon

Excellent! There's nothing better than looking for something you need only to find it for much less than you expected. That's what happened to me with the Pirate Pete and Princess Polly Potty Training Sticker Books. They are normally £3.99 each and are said to be worth that, so to get them for just £1.99 is great!

Potty Training can be hard work and a bit boring too. Make it more fun with the Pirate Pete's or Princess Polly's Potty Sticker Activity Book.

This is a sticker storybook that tells the story of how Pirate Pete/Princess Polly got rid of their nappies. As the story goes on, there's places for stickers to be stuck in. I find books like this are really involving for kids and so the message gets across more effectively.

At the back of these book is a reward chart for those that are going through potty training.

I am snapping up one of these. We have nearly cracked it with our youngest, and we are needing something to give him the final push. I reckon this is just the ticket.

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