The Pilates Bible £7.99 @ Reader’s Digest

The Pilates Bible £7.99 @ Reader’s Digest

I am a firm fan of Pilates. It really makes you work hard but the results are fantastic. It is one of the few exercise regimes that also is quite gentle on my bad arm which means I can get a solid workout for longer. Reader’s Digest has reduced the Pilates Bible down from £19.99 to only £7.99 so a perfect reason to try this exercise out.

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Pilates is a gentle but effective exercise and this book is (apparently) the most comprehensive and accessible ever. You can advance safely through the book at your own pace using the simple moves that can be performed with little or no equipment.

There are new and old Pilates exercises included in the book and they are all based on the latest medical research, so you can rest assured of their effectiveness and gentleness. There are special sections for new mothers and children too! Oh, and for people who have back pain or knee injuries as well.


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