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21 July 2010

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I have a real weakness for books! They are one of the few things in this world that I find utterly irresistible.

I love books. I adore books. I HOARD books. So when it was touted around the PlayPennies office that there was the chance to have a personalised Bookadoo made to review, my hand SHOT up in the air and I found myself chanting, "OOH! OOH! ME! ME!"

I'm not proud of it, but hey I snaffled the Bookadoo review *grin*

The process was very straightforward and utterly painless, in fact the hardest thing was choosing which photograph to use. You see, Bookadoo books don't just personalise their books with your child's name, they use lots of clever photographic magic and skill to take your child's head and superimpose it onto the body of your chosen character.

bear I figured The Teenagers wouldn't want a personalised Bookadoo book so I chose a picture of my youngest (albeit from a couple of years ago - it's a CUTE picture, I like it!) and you must make sure that the photograph you choose meets the image requirements; there's no need to worry, everything is explained very clearly on the Bookadoo website.

Photograph chosen, next to choose the book. There are several stories to choose from, I chose the Superkid book as my youngest IS a little superhero, no really, he least that what he tells me! And you must also decide whether you would like your Bookadoo book with a soft cover or hardback.

You can add a foreward to the book if you wish; as this wasn't for a birthday or any other special occasion I chose to leave it out but you can say anything you like, maybe something like: 'Dear So and So - Happy 4th Birthday - lots of love, whoever'

Then just enter your child's first name, send it all off to Bookadoo with your payment and they'll send you your personalised book within 9 working days or so. The soft cover books retail for £17.95 and the hardback versions are £24.95 and each book contains 36 pages of literary and photographic treats for your child.

Our book arrived within the 9 working days delivery time frame and my youngest LOVES it. The Teenagers think it's cute (but I was right they didn't want one) and are more than happy to sit and read it to him.

The Superkid story is wonderful and is laid out in a superhero comic type of style, where the text is inside ''bubbles' that is laid over the pictures rather than the 'traditional text with pictures underneath' look - I'm not sure I've explained that very well but you can see what I mean over at the Bookadoo website where you can browse through each page of all the books.

Superkid is utterly amazing! In a fast-paced story, that's just the right length for youngsters, he resuces a fireman from a burning building, saves a boy who's being crushed by a lump of concrete (quite what he was doing playing on a building site at night, I don't know!), saves a little old lady from being mugged and a girl from drowning - what a kid!

There's a lovely twist to the Superkid story at the end and was met with rapturous applause and, "Read it again! Read it again!" requests.

If your child isn't old enough to read their personalised Bookadoo book on their own, they'll get just as much enjoyment from looking at the pictures and following the story that way.

And finally...

There is clearly something very magical about seeing your photograph and name in print - unless you're a celebrity who's been snapped looking less than your best - as all the kids' faces LIT up when they  recognised the pictures of the little boy on the front cover.

Our Bookadoo book is clearly going to be much-loved and cherished over the coming years, and will probably be brought out for fond trips down memory lane long after he's grown out of it too.

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