Percy The Park Keeper: One Snowy Night £3.50 @ Amazon

If you're after a festive book that's so beautiful it leaves you feeling warm and cosy, and with illustrations so stunning they're almost enough to make you weep, then look no further than Percy the Park Keeper: One Snowy Night.

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Anything Percy the Park Keeper reminds me of when the Teenagers were little (and nice) and we all loved his gentle stories but the favourite, by far, was One Snowy Night and reading it at Christmas time just made everything perfect.

Percy the Park Keeper is in his little house one snowy winter's night when, one by one, his animal friends who live in the park come knocking on his door; it's very cold and they want to come and sleep in the warm with Percy.

Percy loves his animal friends and can't turn any of them away but, before long, there's no room in the bed for Percy!

If you've never read anything Percy the Park Keeper before there just aren't words to adequately convey just HOW beautiful this story is; you're just going to have to trust me, buy it and thank me later.

The usual price for Percy the Park Keeper: One Snowy Night is £6.99 - Amazon are selling it for £3.50, it's already out of stock over at Red House Books and I imagine won't stay in stock long with Amazon either.

Don't dawdle, please; I'd hate for you to be disappointed and end up paying over the odds for it somewhere else.

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  • oliviamcc
    ordered mine! just back from seeing this at the theatre, it was great but they were selling the book for £6.99. glad i waited!!

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