Peppa Pig Meets The Queen Book £2.96 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this Peppa Pig Meets the Queen book for £2.96 rather than its recommended list price of £4.99

Whenever I'm overseas, especially in the States, I'm often asked if I've seen the Queen - apparently it's because I sound very English and have a posh accent - it got to the stage where it was more fun to say, "Yes, a few times," rather than disappoint the questioner.

"What's she like?!" they'd then ask.  "Oh, she's just lovely! A truly amazing lady - I'm looking forward to seeing her again soon."  They go away to tell their friends and family they've met someone who's met the Queen and I had a bit of a giggle - well I have seen her, plenty of times...on TV!

If you have a Peppa Pig fan who's found themselves swept away with all things royal, due to the Jubilee fever at the beginning of the month, then you might like add this Peppa Pig Meets the Queen book to their book collection.

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