Peppa Pig: My Little Library £3.49 @ Play

Peppa Pig: My Little Library £3.49 @ Play

peppaPigBooksPlay have a rather nice little deal on these Peppa Pig Little Library books.

My youngest adored Peppa Pig when he was around two years old, he's four and a half now and into Bakugan and Ben 10 and he goes all soppy when you tell him that he used to be a big Peppa Pig fan.

I love these Peppa Pig Little Library books - they are such a fabulous way to introduce tiny kids to the wonderful world of books and the concept of reading.

Six little chunky board books make up the Peppa Pig Little Library and they come all nicely packaged in their own slip case.

This is perfect stocking filler material and whilst the novelty of some Christmas presents wears off pretty fast, books are something that will be enjoyed over and over and over.

These Peppa Pig Little Library Books are up for grabs for £3.49, instead of £4.99, so there's just a modest little saving to be had - but it's still a saving and that's a win for me.

There's no delivery to pay when you order from Play for delivery within the UK either.

Thanks to Magshull22 at HUKD


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