Parents Freebie: Goodbye Pert Breasts @ Amazon

Parents Freebie: Goodbye Pert Breasts @ Amazon

Amazon has dropped the price of the book Goodbye Pert Breasts from something to, well, nothing! Yes, you can download this extremely funny and clever look at parenthood from the perspective of a man without paying a single red cent. Wahoo!

Yes, in case you hadn’t already guessed, this free book is a Kindle download. Written by Ben Wakeling, the book is the diary of a newborn dad and should have most of us cackling in agreement and sympathy.

Ben Wakeling is a very funny author and the book has had plenty of good reviews from the likes of Prima Baby, Pregnancy & Birth, and plenty more. He is a husband and father who lives in Warwickshire and his views on being a parent are delightful, and don’t pull any punches either.

Fans of his blog and his writing will appreciate this fab freebie so get on there and get downloading!

Thanks to Robinsad at HUKD!


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  • chandlerweb
    Not free. Accidentally paid with amazon 1-click trusting this article was correct. Only noticed once I got the email receipt. Shame there's no Expire button.
    • wild_quinine
      damn it! same for me.
      • SecretlyNutsMummy
        you know you can cancel those orders? Go to your Manage Kindle, Orders page. Or just go to Order History in your Amazon Account, and click on the Kindle tab.