Parents Freebie: Fabulous Freebies From Amazon

Parents Freebie: Fabulous Freebies From Amazon

It was a moment of pure chance, something I did just to see what would happen, and I ended up getting a bunch of free things that really did rock my world. Most relate to the Kindle or to Amazon’s MP3 store, but still they are great.

I found the Hamlyn QuickCook recipe book taster with sample ideas and recipes, I found the Amazon top selling free songs listing and several books across a variety of different categories. You can sort out what type of freebie you want using the drop-down lists on the left-hand side of the screen too.

While you may find that this is predominantly made up of free Kindle books, these are not to be sneezed at. Although you may find that it will take you a while to go through them all as the range on offer is pretty prodigious. Enjoy it though, I am not sure how long they will stay on the site for.


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