The Monkey With The Bright Blue Bottom £2.55 @ Play

The Monkey With The Bright Blue Bottom £2.55 @ Play

Play are selling The Monkey with the Bright Blue Bottom book, by Steve Smallman, for £2.55 instead of £5.99 and it has to be one of the best titled books EVER.

I can hear Edward, my youngest son, right now, "The monkey with the bright blue bottom??!!" 

This statement of exclamation (can you have a statement of exclamation..? Well in the case of The Monkey with the Bright Blue Bottom, I'm saying you can!) is followed by 'naughty' giggling.

1) Because the word bottom is featured and

2) Because the aforementioned bottom is BLUE!

It's made me chuckle as just the other day my mum said she didn't want to come back as a brightly coloured bottomed baboon - I can't remember what on earth prompted that conversation, it just seems pertinent to The Monkey with the Bright Blue Bottom.  I wonder if being a brightly coloured bottomed monkey would be acceptable, rather than a baboon?

Anyway, it tells the story of a monkey who's a bit miffed that all the birds he lives near are beautiful and brightly coloured; chaos ensues when he stumbles across a pot of paint (as you do in the middle of the jungle!).

If you're still not sure, this review might help you...

"My daughter got this book for her 3rd birthday, and it is one of the best bed time books we have (and we have lots and lots). It is funny, he illistrations are great and overall it makes us laugh"

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD


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