Money Puzzle By Julia Donaldson £3.49 @ Amazon

Money Puzzle By Julia Donaldson £3.49 @ Amazon

monekyPuzzleAmazon are selling Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson for half price at the moment, making it £3.49 instead of £6.99.

If you want to buy a book(s) for kids then you CANNOT go wrong with a Julia Donaldson book; you know how much we love the Gruffalo here at PlayPennies, well that love extends to pretty much all of the books Julia Donaldson has written.

They are all fabulously entertaining, original and I've yet to meet a child who isn't utterly enchanted by them.

The Monkey Puzzle is about a baby monkey who's lost his mother, can Butterfly help him find her?

Yes, but only after a lot of trial and error as Butterfly misunderstands Monkey's descriptions and leads him to all kinds of animals which clearly AREN'T his mother.

Children will happily read this over and over and over again, as the glowing reviews on Amazon attest to...

"Each time the young monkey meets the wrong animal he cries out "no, no, no that's an .... (elephant etc)" and my son loves calling out this line on each page"

"My 22 month old daughter just loves "Monkey Puzzle." She has a very short attention span like most toddlers, so I was very surprised when she sat quietly whilst I read the book to her 3 times at bedtime! Wonderful illustrations, and a wonderful rhyming story."

"My oldest girl (now almost 3) absolutely loves this book and has done since she was able to understand the story. It has a beautiful rhythm to it, and a really lovely ending. It also encourages children to join in - "No no no, thats the ELEPHANT again!". It makes a really good bedtime story as it ends with a nice warm cuddle.  Highly recommended."

Need I say more?  No, I didn't think so.

Thanks to deborahm at HUKD


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