Five Minute Health Boosters Book £14.99 @ Reader’s Digest

Five Minute Health Boosters is down from £26.99 to £14.99 at Reader’s Digest. If you are feeling peaky or in need of some kind of health inspiration, then this could be the lovely book for you.

The Five Minute Health Boosters book is organised according to the way you live. It has smart tips and easy to adopt routines for the morning, noon and night. With the advice in this book you only need to make a change or two at each part of your day to live a much healthier life.

If you have five minutes then you have enough time to slash the stress, lower your blood pressure, improve your brain capacity, slow down your life, and get your system into great shape. You can supercharge your energy, lose weight and plenty more. Apparently there is a spice you can sniff that can give you back your va-va-voom instead of coffee!

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