Minecraft Official Handbook Hardback From £3.85 @ ASDA Direct

Minecraft Official Handbook Hardback From £3.85 @ ASDA Direct


Minecraft is literally exploding into the stratosphere with almost every child greedily reaching for their own version. It does need a bit of a learning curve though, so books that tell you how to get it all done are a win. You usually spend around £9.99 on the Minecraft titles, but ASDA has them down to as little as £3.85.

These books are pricey elsewhere and I battled to find anything on Amazon after the last sale expired. Now lenjuz over at HUKD has found these on sale at ASDA for low, low prices and they come with free delivery too. Nice bargain.

The books on offer at ASDA are Minecraft – The Official Construction Handbook, Minecraft – The Official Combat Handbook and Minecraft – The Official Redstone Handbook. The first two are £3.85 and the last one is £4. Someone has mentioned that they are two for £7 at Tesco so maybe visit your local store for that one, and Amazon has done  some special offers but they are not as low as this.


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