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The Book People are selling this Michael Morpurgo book collection for £16.99 rather than its list price of £91.84.

Why The Whales Came was my first introduction to Michael Morpurgo when my daughter brought the book home from school, it told a story about the magical Narwahl whale and it's mysterious horn and was utterly enchanting.

Micheal Morpurgo is widely regarded as one of the best children's writers around and with good reason, his stories are compelling and once they have hold of you they'll never let you go.

He writes about all sorts of things from retired greyhounds, adventurous cats or soldiers and horses in the trenches, if you read a Michael Morpurgo story you're guaranteed a magical and wonderful read.

If you're new to the literary world of Michael Mopurgo then it's probably due to the movie adaptation of War Horse - the story of a horse being taken from his boy owner to serve as a war horse on the front line during World War I.

I've seen it; I sobbed, and it's one of the few books I've felt compelled to buy after watching the movie - the Life of Pi is the other one, but that's for a whole other post!

You 16 Michael Morpurgo books won't be sent out until Wednesday, so if you needed something before then, then I'm sorry about that. Delivery will cost an additional £2.80 too - free delivery codes that are valid for more than 12 or 24 hours are a bit thin on the ground at the moment.

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