Mr Men - The Complete Collection £27 @ The Book People

Mr Men - The Complete Collection £27 @ The Book People

menNow when I say The Complete Mr Men book collection, I'm talking about 50 books! Yup, 50 books for £27 and that includes delivery too.

I LOVED LOVE the Mr Men!

The one I remember reading most when, I was little, was Mr Forgetful and I still like reading it now - it's like an old friend.

"Farmer Giles, there's a goose asleep in the lane!" Poooor Mr Forgetful.

My brother had Mr Bump and Mr Jelly too and I loved listening to my mum reading them to him at bedtime.

I'm still trying to work out the financial bit of this: 50 books for £27 (the rrp is £125) - surely you can't print them for that price!

Oh, they also come in a rather lovely presentation box too, so you can keep them all together and nice and neat and tidy.

There are, apparently,  a few new additions to the Mr Men family in this collection, Mr Nobody is one of them - I want to read that now, it already sounds like it could be a hoot!

Now, the published price on The Book People's website for this Complete Mr Men book collection is £30, you're going to need to use these codes to drop it to £27:

BRINC25 or SCHOOL20 to get 10% off and then ZD533 to get free delivery; lovely.

Thanks to Rhys135 over at HUKD!


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  • Lynley O.
    One thing that always bothered me, when I was a kid, was, why are there hardly any girls and why do the girls get called Little Miss? The boys aren't called Little Mr Men.
    • Janis H.
      There are 6 colours
      • Sarah M.
        There are 5 colours