Mr Men Book Collection £30 @ The Book People

If you've missed previous chances to grab the complete Mr Men Book Collection with The Book People, here's another one for you; all 50 Mr Men books can be yours for £30 instead of the list price of £125.

Can you believe that the Mr Men are 40 years old?!

I don't think I can tell you much about the Mr Men book collection that you won't/can't work out for yourself - 50 Mr Men books form the Mr Men book collection and they come in a rather lovely box case.

But here are some things you might not know about the Mr Men, or have forgotten along the way....

1) When the Mr Men books were first released (when I was little) they cost just 15p each

2) The first Mr Men character created was Mr Tickle, who remains the most popular today

3) Over 120 million Mr Men books have been sold worldwide since 1971

4) A Mr Men book is bought every 2.5 seconds

5) Roger Hargreaves', creator of the Mr Men, wife sold the rights to the Mr Men TV series in 2004, pocketing a cool £28 million in the process

My favourite Mr Men books are Mr Forgetful and Mr Bump, they are the two stories I remember my mum reading to me most for bedtime stories.

Happy Mr Men reading!

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