Kids Freebie: Free Online Books And Printables

Stories for My Little Sister is an adorable site full of FREE entertainment for kids. You can download and print cool pictures for the kids to colour in along with reading stories and many other things.

If you’re sitting around with the kids and the weather is miserable and they’re complaining yet again of being bored then pull out the laptop or get onto the computer. Have a look at this fabulous site and see what you can find to do.

The site has a huge range of ideas and things to do with kids. There are a number of online stories and once you’ve read the stories to the kids they can print out their favourite characters and colour them in. There are puzzles to do and even games that the kids can print out the cards and make themselves. I love the cards section. It gives Birthday cards and invites along with various other types of card that you can print out and then colour and fill in yourselves, such an awesome idea.

Everything on the site is free so go and enjoy!

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