Kids Freebie: Free Book @ LearnDirect


As I was exploring the deep, dark mysteries of the interweb I uncovered this freebie from LearnDirect. It’s a free book that’s been designed to help you teach your child to read. Total and utter brilliance!

The book is entitled “Where did the river go?” and all you need to do is print out a voucher from the site and to get the voucher you need to register. The registration process is really simple but don’t forget to check all the boxes at the end if you don’t want to get any spam later on.

This will then take you to your free book voucher that you need to print out (don’t worry if you don’t have access to a printer, they also do email, text and instore collection) and take to your local LearnDirect centre.

There are hundreds of centres across the UK that are based in key locations so you are bound to find one close to you. If missioning around to get your free book is too much effort then why not create your own books together. There are two choices here; “The journey to Darkest Somewhere” and “The house of scary words”. The site also has games and ideas to help you teach your kids.

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