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3 November 2010

juliaDonaldson I don't think there's a Julia Donaldson book that I don't adore! I think the same is probably true of just about everybody too!

Amazon have some great deals on Julia Donaldson books just now, with most of them having been reduced by at least half price which brings them down to around £3 each.

It is only slightly possible that you don’t recognise the name Julia Donaldson but if I can guarantee you’ll have heard of at LEAST one of her books…The Gruffalo. If you only ever buy one Julia Donaldson book, make sure it's this one.

Tabby McTat is my youngest's current favourite and is a tale of a young kittens, friendship and loyalty.

Room on a Broom is a lovely ryhming story about a witch and her cat. They are zooming around happily on their broom one evening when the wind blows the witche’s  hat off. A dog brings her hat back and he joins them for a ride on the broom.

During the course of the evening they pick up lots of other passengers but then the broom snaps and the story gets a bit tense from this moment forward.

I won’t spoil the rest of the story for you – if you don’t already have this excellent Julia Donaldson book in your collection then I thouroughly recommend it!

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