Just Imagine Hardback Book £3.99 @ The Book People

The Book People are selling this incredibly popular Just Imagine book, in hardback format, for £3.99 - it's recommended list price is £10.99.

I've not read Just Imagine; as far as I know it hadn't been published when my older children were little, but it's the sort of book I would have bought for them and that they would have loved!

Thirty two pages of illustrations encourages them to make up their own stories from the images they choose - how awesome is that?!  They'll be able to imagine what it's like to plough fields in a big red tractor - perhaps there's a scarecrow in the field who comes to life - if that's where their imagination takes them.  Or what it would be like to fly like a bird, be a butterfly or be able to cast spells like a witch or wizard - no story will ever be the same.

I'm very excited by this book and may point my mum in its direction - this is the sort of thing she loves giving as a present and my youngest niece has such a fabulous little imagination that I'm sure she'd adore Just Imagine.

Plenty of other people adore this book already, and its 'prequel' You Choose, so please don't wait too long to order your copy (if you think you might want one) as I'm sure it'll go out of stock pretty quickly.

Single item delivery with The Book People is usually £2.80, you can have your Just Imagine book delivered for free if you enter codes XMAS262 or 261FREE into the promotions box in your basket, before you check out.

Thanks to phillyboy at HUKD

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