The Very Hungry Caterpillar Little Learning Library £3.69 @ Amazon

The usual price for this Very Hungry Caterpillar Little Learning Library is £4.99 - you can pick up a set for £3.69, over at Amazon, at the moment.  Now I know this is only a tiny saving but, quite frankly, I'd still be telling you about it if it was full price.

I've always loved the Very Hungry Caterpillar; my very earliest memory of him is when my infants school teacher read it to us as the class story one day.

I was absolutely enthralled by the entire story and by some of the, seemingly then, exotic things he ate which caused him to get all fat.  As for wrapping himself up and transforming himself into a butterfly, well...that just had me completely blown away as a five-year-old.

Whilst I'm a huge fan of the original Very Hungry Caterpillar story, it's a little long for tiny people so HURRAH! for the Very Hungry Caterpillar Little Learning Library with its chunky board books -  perfect for titchy hands and short, for now, attention spans.

Each page of the four books - colours, numbers, words and animal sounds - features all the well-known pictures from the original VHC book and have large simple words to gently introduce your very young youngster to the magical world of reading.

Thanks to taswir1 at HUKD

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