Horrid Henry's Loathsome Book Collection (30 Books) £20 @ The Book People

If you head over to the Book People you'll be able to pick up Horrid Henry's Loathsome Book Collection of 30 books for a mere £20!

Okay, so it's Christmas Eve and there's nothing you can do about presents now; in my family the children always end up with Christmas cash burning a hole in their pockets after the big day is over and all the wrapping paper has been thrown away - it makes good sense to keep an eye out for things they might like, rather than letting them fritter it all away on useless tat that caught their eye and would instantly soothe that pocket burning.

I've written about Horrid Henry lots before: all kids love him, he's fabulous for getting reluctant (particularly boy) readers to bury their noses into books and there really is no need to panic, or worry, that your little angel will turn into a monster as a result of copycatting Henry - there's just as much chance of them adopting the ways of Perfect Peter too...

Single item delivery costs an additional £2.80 - I'm not sure whether the current Christmas free delivery codes will still be working, but it's worth a bash anyway, the codes (some have conditions attached, such as being a new customer etc) are:

  • FREE268
  • XMAS266
  • PANDP265

Happy Horrid Henry reading!

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