Horrid Henry's Big Bad Book Collection £15.00 @ The Book People

Horrid Henry's Big Bad Book Collection £15.00 @ The Book People

Apparently the original price for Horrid Henry's Big Bad Book Collection is £97.80; The Book People clearly didn't like that so are selling him for £15.00 instead; bravo!

If you are of a certain age you’ll remember the ‘My Naughty Little Sister’ books – wow, that really is going a l-o-n-g way back! – and they were really great. Horrid Henry is akin to her although he’s MUCH more naughty than she ever was.

There was/is always the popular misconception that if your little ones read about naughty things they’ll immediately want to rush out and do them

Well, to my knowledge, no child has ever been hell-bent on replicate the antics of Horrid Henry and caused chaos and mayhem; kids are smart and the writers of such stories equally so.

All three of my children have read the Horrid Henry stories and, yes, they found them funny but only BECAUSE he was so naughty and they knew/know this is NOT the way to behave.

If you've never met Horrid Henry before then you're in for a treat - Henry is naughty (I know, the title gives it away a bit) and he has a brother, Perfect Peter. You can imagine the sibling squabbles and one-upmanship that goes on between these two!

Twenty books make up Horrid Henry's Big Bad Book Collection and they are perfect for encouraging kids to read, especially reluctant boys.

If you come across other books that take your fancy and you spend over £30 then The Book People won't charge you for delivery, but if this is all you need/want for now then there will be a single item delivery charge of £1.95.

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