Horrible Histories Blood-Curdling Box (20 Books) £17.85 @ Amazon

If you head over to Amazon you'll be able to pick up a Horrible Histories Blood-Curdling Box of 20 books for £17.85, rather than £35.

If your kids are still small and you haven't come across Horrible Histories yet, then you're in for a treat. I remember when the Horrible Histories books first came out; I wanted to kiss Terry Deary, the author, for his genius approach to history and bringing it to life for my children!

Essentially, Horrible Histories are historical accounts with the gross, gory, slimy, smelly and disgusting bits left IN - just the sort of thing that kids love and will have them absolutely engrossed.  With books such as The Rotten Romans, The Terrible Tudors and The Awesome Egyptians, your child will never again tell you that history is boring.

Whenever there are Horrible Histories offers they tend to go out of stock fast, so don't dawdle if you want your own blood-curdling box set of 20 Horrible Histories books!

Happy curdling your blood!

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