Horrible Histories Blood Curdling Box Set (20 Books) £19.99 @ The Works

The Works are selling the rather fabulous Horrible Histories Blood Curdling Box Set for £19.99 rather than the recommended list price of £99.99.

I think all the Horrible Histories books are utter genius; kids love gross, gruesome and gory and bringing history to life by revealing all the disgusting bits is just the perfect way to get children engaged in days and centuries gone by.

When my older teenagers were younger they loved dipping in and out of the Horrible Histories books, my youngest son is almost six-years-old and he loves them too.

From the Savage Stone Age, to Groovy Greeks, Rotten Romans ,Vile Victorians and the two World Wars, there's a section of history covered by these fabulous books written by Terry Deary.

If you have a young boy who's more than a little bit reluctant to open the pages of books, then the books that make up this Horrible Histories Blood Curdling Box Set may just come to your rescue.

Standard delivery is an additional £2.99.

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