Guess How Much I Love You Gift Edition £3.99 @ The Book People

The Book People are currently selling this lovely Guess How Much I Love You gift edition for £3.99 instead of £12.99.

"I love you right up to the moon - and back!"

That's just one of the lines in Guess How Much I Love You that, unless you have a heart of stone, is guaranteed to melt it.

Even though Guess How Much I Love You is a children's story - Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare discover that love isn’t something you can easily measure -  it makes a lovely gift to give the grown-up loves in your life.

The Guess How Much I Love You story and it's delicate watercolour illustrations are SO beautiful they almost make my heart ache.

I know what it feels like to try and tell someone just HOW much you love them when there just aren’t enough words, or ways, to quantify it.  However, what I can easily measure is just how much I LOVE this book - a LOT, is the answer!

If this is all your buy from The Book People today then a single item delivery charge of £1.95 will apply.

Even paying that little bit extra on top, I still love this deal.

Happy guessing how much someone loves you.

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    Only £3.84 delivered on Amazon and as low as £2.51 on

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