The Gruffalo Story Book £2.99 @ Mothercare

The Gruffalo Story Book £2.99 @ Mothercare

I know it sounds utterly improbable but just in case there are people out there who DO NOT already own their own story book version of The Gruffalo, here's a Gruffalo story book deal for them.

Mothercare are selling paperback copies of The Gruffalo for £2.99, rather than £5.99 - apparently there are other Julia Donaldson story books on offer in Mothercare stores and as I'd recommend you collect your copy of The Gruffalo in person, rather than paying £5 for delivery, you might want to pick up a couple of other stories too.

So you know Adele has won a ton of music awards recently, well since then her album sales have gone up, something like, 750%! Both albums were number one and two in the album charts forever last year, so who on EARTH doesn't already own them?

Well me for one, so I guess it's not that inconceivable, after all, that there are people who don't own copies of The Gruffalo either .  I suppose it's also possible that there are people reading this thinking, "What on earth is she going on about?!  WHAT is a Gruffalo?" 

Quickly, for the unititiated...

The Gruffalo is a monster who lives in the deep, dark wood; he has terrible claws, and terrible toes and a horrible wart on the end of his nose.  He ends up being scared of the little brown mouse in a tale that is SO lovely I guarantee you, and your children, will fall in love with it.

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