The Gruffalo £2.86 @ Amazon

That's it, I'm doing it! I cannot resist any longer - I haven't written about a deal for the original 'The Gruffalo' story book since February and I'm beginning to suffer from some serious Gruffalo deal withdrawal.

A couple of years ago the market went a bit a bit Gruffalo mad, anything that could be 'Gruffaloed' was; we held our collective breaths waiting for 'Gruffalo Fresh Air - straight from the Deep Dark Wood' to be launched, and we eventually got a bit sick and tired of writing Gruffalo deals.

But NOW, I love him again and there must have been new children born, who are old enough to start being interested in books, who don't have a copy of The Gruffalo in their story collection!

For a potentially scary, and definitely ugly, monster, the Gruffalo is 'cute' - even with his terrible tusks and terrible claws, the spines down his back and the wart on the end of his nose.

I don't know any child who's read, or been read, The Gruffalo who didn't fall in love with it and revisit it time and time and time again - my teenagers adored it, my youngest son is a HUGE Gruffalo fan and you quite simply HAVE to own a copy of this book, if you don't already.

It's currently on sale at Amazon for £2.86, rather than £6.99, so there really are no excuses!

Thanks to Mardyass at HUKD

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