The Gruffalo £2.39 @ Amazon

The Gruffalo £2.39 @ Amazon


The mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood and made Julia Donaldson a lot of lovely money as well as millions of fans worldwide. The Gruffalo illustrated book is down to £2.39 on Amazon and it comes with, you guessed it, free delivery.

The Gruffalo is a modern children’s classic that most children can now recite by rote (and so can their poor parents!). It has been made into a movie, has about a million different book incarnations and soft toys and gizmos and luxury items, and is an utterly delightful story to boot.

If you are a new parent who doesn’t know who the Gruffalo may be, then get this book immediately. Especially since it is down from the usual retail price of £6.99 and is now only £2.39 on Amazon. That is silly cheap!

Don’t be tempted to buy the sequel, though. It is nowhere near as good.

Thanks to Twinx at HUKD!


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  • saf
    My 2 boys love the gruffalo. One is almost 3 the other is 19 months. I know the book off by heart! N the eldest one knows a lot of it. I'm looking for board gruffalo books for them, as the younger likes to tear pages. But not expensive ones. Any help..?
    • Emma K.
      The Gruffalo board book is only £3.49 on Amazon -