Three Fuzzy Fun Books £2.97 @ ChoicesUK

Three Fuzzy Fun Books £2.97 @ ChoicesUK

If you order these three Fuzzy Fun books together, you'll pay just £2.97 for them and get them delivered for free - their full retail price would be £14.97.

Hands up who remembers Fuzzy Felt?!  I had two Fuzzy Felt sets when I was a little girl and can picture them clear as day as I write this post; wow, I loved my Fuzzy Felt.

All the fuzzy felt pieces that come with each book can be safely stored away in the plastic tray/holder/container 'thing' that's built into the book cover. The book pages have simple text that will guide your child as to where they should place the fuzzy pieces on the page which is great, but if your children are anything like mine were, there'll be fuzzy pieces wherever they DECIDE to put them on the page.

Ordering the three Fuzzy Fun books together takes you over the £2.50 minimum order value to qualify for free delivery and, let's face it, one Fuzzy Fun book just isn't going to be enough.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD


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