Funnybones Paperback Book £3.49 @ Amazon

Funnybones Book £3.49

At last the Funnybones Paperback Book is back in stock on Amazon. Why does it keep selling out? That's because it's a classic that most of us parents will have owned as a child. Oh, and it's only £3.49 on Amazon!

There's nothing better than getting to share a childhood favourite of yours with your own offspring. Grab the Funnybones Book and you'll do just that.

Funnybones are about the funniest skeletons, and are far from scary.

This book is the first in what ended up a fun and fantastic series.

Like I said above, it's a favourite on Amazon and tends to sell out a lot.

Delivery is FREE for Amazon Prime Members, or those spending £20+.

Who wrote Funnybones?

Funnybones was written by Allan Ahlberg and illustrated by the late Janet Ahlberg. They were a British married couple, and are comparable to the likes of Julia Donaldson.

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  • Vanessa M.

    I'm gonna get it now. I used to love this book! Xx

  • Becky B.

    I remember being in primary school and my teacher Miss Paul reading it to me. Loved it ever since and shared the love with my boys :grinning:

  • Gemma L.

    Just ordered one for Stella! :skull:

  • Penny B.

    I think this was one of megs favourite x

  • Emma B.

    My kids have their dads original book timeless book x

  • Megan R.

    Wonder if I still have the book!xxx

  • Matthew R.

    You can find them all on YouTube!

  • Sarah R.

    Oh my god I’m gonna have watch bored at work

  • Nicola B.

    I have that one dunno what ones I need I think we’ve nearly got them all! X

  • Stella B.

    One of my favourite books as a child.

  • Lynne K.

    I still have my copy and I read it to my Son and Daughter xxx

  • Vanessa M.

    I've ordered him it :grin: xx

  • Vikki H.

    Love this book! Recently bought this for Oscar & it's his fav xxx

  • Jo C.

    I loved this book ! :heart::heart:

  • Gary M.

    That one that went "in a deep deep cupboard down the dark dark stairs" or something like that?

  • Hayley B.

    Yes :smiley: me too, you've got the song in my head now lol xx

  • Katheryn J.

    Favourite ever haha, got the book still xxx

  • Paul M.

    Down a dark dark street hahaha x

  • Gemma V.

    I loved those books! Wasn’t there a tv show as well?!

  • Claire R.

    My favourite book when I was little :heart_eyes:

  • Hayley L.

    I've just recently bought this for emma :blush: it was one of my favorites a kid xxx

  • Ashleigh D.

    In a dark dark house... :joy::joy: nostalgia kicking in! Xxx

  • Danni K.

    Same here I loved it!! Xx

  • Kelly C.

    I aim thinking I need to get the book for my 2 and get them into them!! Xx

  • Francesca M.

    Wow LOVED this!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart:

  • Declan S.

    :relieved: Classic :speak_no_evil::raised_hands:, should totally get Jay on these bad boys :wink:

  • Lesley M.

    There was a big skeleton...

  • Safia K.

    1 of my scariest books which I hated after chuky

  • Noilin C.

    Thomas loves these books too!

  • Leanne S.

    Used to love reading these.

  • Leeann H.

    Awww funny bones! That takes us back eh xx

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