Free Storybooks And Activities @ Stories For My Little Sister

Free Storybooks And Activities @ Stories For My Little Sister

BirdyThis is one of the most adorable websites I've ever seen, mostly because of the lovely sentiment behind it.  Stories for my Little Sister is a site packed with free books and activities for toddlers.

The site was developed by two sisters that used to create stories for each other when they were children. They've taken those stories, and the artwork that goes with them, and loaded them onto a site for everyone to enjoy.

The stories are delightfully unique and have a wonderful child-like joy that really does make you feel as if you've been taken back to a time when your imagination was able to run free and unfettered. It is, in short, a delight.

Birdy2Parents will enjoy exploring some of these stories with their kids and you can download and print out some artwork for them to colour in themselves. I simply adore this idea and spent some enchanting hours on the site.

You'll read about Cricket and Watson and follow a lot of stories about Stinky the skunk. There are also colouring and memory games for you to play with your kids. Have fun in this magical little spot on the internet.


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