'Free' Ladybird Books @ Daily And Sunday Mirror

'Free' Ladybird Books @ Daily And Sunday Mirror

The Daily and Sunday Mirror newspaper are giving away 'free' Ladybird books from today until 26 February - there are up to 100 to choose from and you can bag yourself a maximum of 25 if you manage to collect the tokens every day.

Now I say 'free', rather than 'FREEEEE', because it's all going to depend on your point of view and whether or not you, or someone you know, already gets the Daily Mirror (shudder!) every day.

You need two tokens for each Ladybird book that you want and tokens will be printed in the Daily and Sunday Mirror newspapers - the Daily Mirror costs 40 pence on weekdays, 70 pence on a Saturday and the Sunday Mirror costs £1 (really?!  One of our great British pounds for that publication?! Wow...).

On top of the newspaper cost you need to pay for the postage of your Ladybird books - so they're not truly free, but you don't need to pay the full retail price for them.

One you've collected your tokens, just come back and click the link above to go to the 'Ladybird Library' page which has a link to an order form - just follow the instructions from there and wait for up to 12 weeks(!!) from 7 March for your books to arrive; I hope you didn't want them in a hurry.

One last thing - if you go and LIKE the Daily Mirror Facebook page then you can download a free audio copy of  The Gingerbread Man.

Thanks to nicster08 at HUKD


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