What Does The Fox Say Book £4.81 Was £6.99 @Book Depository

19 February 2014


What does the fox say? Buy this book!

You've heard the song - and probably been driven crazy by it. Now read the book!

Would you believe me if I told you I've never heard the 'What Does The Fox Say' song? It's true. Somehow I have successfully managed to avoid it at all costs. My kids occasionally insist on trying to sing it to me, but I find that sticking my fingers in my ears and singing 'La la la!' very loudly works wonders. I am tempted by this book, though...

This price is a saving of 31% off the usual price, and yes, this is the book behind the You Tube sensation - Ylvis reportedly started working on this with the illustrator before they had even uploaded the video to You Tube. They must have had a hunch that it would be a hit.

It's a 32-page paperback - so plenty of book for your buck.

And there's free delivery worldwide. too.

Pretty awesome eh?

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