Fifty Dangerous Things...

16 June 2010

50things You must have had the round-robin email by now that tells of all the dangerous things we used to do, and be exposed to, as kids but still managed to survive to be our 'ripe old ages'.

Things like riding our Chopper bicycles without a safety helmet and not only THAT, but riding them miles away from home all on our own because we were allowed out ALL day without anyone panicking that we'd be abducted by aliens within half an hour.

Cots painted with paint that contained lead, PENCILS who's leads even contained lead! Being crammed into the back seat of your parents car with as many of your mates as possible and going to the beach for the day, ok I can't condone that one anymore but it sure was fun back in the day.

When did we become so precious about things?

It occured to me the other day that 'the teenagers' have no real experience of matches and when I asked my eldest (almost 16) to light one of the vanilla candles, he looked at me in absolute horror!  'Me!? Matches?! NOOOO they're dangerous! YOU said!' pretty much sums up what his face was saying.

So off I mooched and came across this book that really appeals to me 50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do) and is currently being packed up by Amazon in a nice box with my name and address written on it.

It's not about being reckless with your children (I don't need a book to tell me how to do that!) but about learning and discovery; this reviewer sums it up perfectly...

"This book seems to have 'given people permission' to allow their kids to do things that parents have been too afraid to allow them to do because they felt everyone would condemn them for it. Now they can finally breathe and say that yes, why shouldn't their kids wittle with a penknife like we all used long as they are taught how.

Of course they might cut themselves but so did we and the vast majority of us lived to tell the tale. Never mind the fact that learning that you survive cuts, bumps and bruises is also a valuable lesson.

Buy it.! None of it is amazingly dangerous. There are careful prep recommendations and much of it is just plain old fashioned kids experimenting and discovering but in a controlled environment.
This book needs 30 stars."

I had a Swiss Army Knife and used to whittle all sorts of things, my mum wasn't in a permament state of high alert and I don't have any whittling battle scars to brag about; my own kids have never owned one of these red multi-bladed-multi-purpose knives complete with bottle opener.

Surely the 21 years of evolutionary advancement between them and me hasn't rendered my children totally incapable?  No, but maybe I have...

This would make a rather original Father's Day present and give 'him' and the kids 50 things they could do together too!

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  • GateGipsy
    Don't know what it is like outside of London, but with the knife laws it isn't legal for a 10 year old to have a swiss army/pen knife on him outside of the house. Probably why they don't tend to get given them anymore.

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