Best Ever Fabulous And Monstrous Beasts £2.50 @ Red House

20 August 2010


Nothing gives me as big a frisson of delight as a well-priced book and this one is really well priced. Brilliant for educational fun and back to school brilliance, as well as for going, “oooooh”, the book of Fabulous and Monstrous beasts is a bargain for £2.50 at Red House.

Did you actually roar when you clicked the link? Yeah, me too. Anyway. This book contains fantastic illustrations, photographs, hard facts and more about amazing monster myths and stories. It investigates creatures from classical mythology, legend and folklore as well as monster sightings from modern times.

Am I really the only adult sitting here and going, “I want that”?

It’s a saving of £10.49 for the book and I can’t see if postage and packaging are included in the price or not. When I was a kid I loved reading up on classical mythology – the minotaur was one of my favourites – and I hope that I can inspire the same fascination in my daughter too.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD!

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