Encyclopedia Prehistorica: The Complete Collection £12.99 @ Red House

10 November 2010

prehistorica These Encyclopedia Prehistorica: The Complete Collection books aren't just any old books about dinosaurs and other monsters; they're POP-UP BOOKS about dinosaurs and other monsters!

These Encylopedia Prehistorica: The Complete Collection books aren't just any old pop-up books; they're AMAZING POP-UP BOOKS!

They, whoever 'they' are, say a picture paints a thousand words - well I don't have a thousand words to play with (about 200 actually) so I have a little video link for you instead.

It shows you one of the books, being turned page by page and in it you'll see just how AWESOME these books really are.

I could describe them to you all I like, but that still wouldn't do justice to this stunning Encylopedia Prehistorica: The Complete Collection.

Click this video link and you'll see exactly what I mean, then come back and I'll tell you the rest...

So? What did you think? FABULOUS hey!

There are three books in the collection:

  • Dinosaurs
  • Sharks and other sea monster
  • Mega Beasts

You've seen the dinosaur one and I think it's pretty safe to assume the others are just as great.

Fabulous to look at; fabulous to learn from, these Encylopedia Prehistorica: The Complete Collection books should be £50 but are being sold by Red House for just £12.99.

I've ordered from Red House before and their service is exemplary; the comments I've read about these books are even more so.

I'm taking advantage of this deal now - my youngest loves monsters and dinosaurs - before it becomes extinct!

Thanks to gooner045 over at HUKD

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  • Lynley O.
    Perfect timing! I was looking for something like this, and it covers two of my little ones favourite subjects, dinosaurs and sharks! I can't get the video link to play on my machine. Are they an OK size do you know?
  • Sarah K.
    They're 24cms x 19cms :D
  • Rebecca D.
    wasn't buying my little one any more books as even though he is only 8 months old his book collection is starting to rival waterstones lol but couldn't resist these to put away for him! Great find thanks x
  • Sarah
    HAHAAA Rebecca, I know exactly what you mean! I started buying big reference books for the Teenagers when they were just months old, with romantic notions in my head of them idly flicking through Atlases for fun (and homework, of course). Then the internet came along and RUINED it ;) But I don't care what anyone says, you can't beat being able to turn the pages of a book - especially ones that POP UP! :D I'm glad this was useful for you - I'll try not to find too many more book deals for you ;) Sarah x
  • Rebecca D.
    Books have arrived they are amazing the video didn't do them justice at all! Now I can't decide it I should get my 10yr old nephew a set. They are educational and amazing. Can not believe that they are just £12.99 well worth it x x x
  • Sarah K.
    Oh that's FANTASTIC Rebecca, I'm thrilled :D Thank you for letting us know! Sarah x ps - you already know you're going to get your nephew a set hahahaa

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