First Encyclopedia Deals £2.99 @ The Book People

First Encyclopedia Deals £2.99 @ The Book People

I'm SUCH a fan of reference books and encyclopedias that I can't NOT tell you about deals for them whenever they pop up.  The Book People are selling First Encyclopedias of The Human Body, History and Our World for £2.99 each, rather than their list prices of £8.99.

You can't beat books that are interesting, engaging and educational all at the same time - well okay, maybe chocolate cake beats them, but you know what I mean - and all three of these First Encyclopedias fit that bill.

Children are always fascinated by the human body and how it works, so the First Encyclopedia of the Human Body is going to be a fantastic one to have on the bookshelf.  All three of my children took, and still take, an interest in history, which is why there are tons of history books in my house - the First Encyclopedia of History will be great addition to them.

And I think all children should be encouraged to take an interest in the world they live in from an early age - maybe they'll do a better job of looking after the planet than we have - and that interest will, I'm sure, be sparked with this My First Encyclopedia of Our World.

All of the books are in hardback and suitable for youngsters aged five years and over, if they want to have a go at reading them themselves - there's no reason why younger children can't have a flick through the pages though.

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