Why Can't Elephants Jump? £3.99 @ Amazon

Why Can't Elephants Jump? £3.99 @ Amazon

elphantsIf you've never come across the range of New Scientist books - Why Can't Elephants Jump? is just one of them - then you've been missing out!

I love books like Why Can't Elephants Jump? They are packed with answers to all sorts of pressing scientific questions that have fascinating answers.

They say every day's a school day and when my kids have been given books like this for Christmas, Christmas morning can be as quiet as if they were sitting formal exams - tell me that's not worth paying money for *grin*

So why can't elephants jump? Is it because they're too heavy, maybe they just don't want to and how do we really know anyway? What if they just wait until we're not looking before they start leaping around!

Other questions include: what is the capacity of the human brain in gigabytes?  I'd actually like to know the answer to that!

The other titles, similar to Why Can't Elephants Jump?,  that the New Scientist have published are:

These are great stocking filler books for kids and I can guarantee they'll be read, and referred to, over and over agan.

Happy answering those burning science questions!


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