Don't Worry, Be Happy: A Child’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety £3 @ Amazon

Support your child emotionally...
Don't Worry, Be Happy: A Child’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety £3 @ Amazon

You can be as close as can be with your child, but you may not be able to take away their worries. It's upsetting as a parent to see our children scared, anxious or worse still, sad. Amazon are selling a book called Don't Worry, Be Happy: A Child’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, and for £3 it's worth a read.

Child's Guide To Overcoming Anxiety

When we think of anxiety, we tend to think of butterflies in the tummy, nail biting and jittery behaviour. The Don't Worry, Be Happy: A Child's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety Book explores how anxiety manifests itself in children aged 7-11 and how you can help them beat it.

The 144 page paperback is an easy-to-read practical guide that uses proven cognitive-behavioural therapy methods and fun activities to help your child through those negative emotions.

This book scored 5 stars out of 5 on the Amazon site and is currently selling like hot cakes.

Delivery is FREE for Amazon Prime members, or those of you spending £10+ on books.

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Reply to
  • Amy E.

    We got this book! Highly recommend it. Started using it a year ago and it’s small steps but made a huge impact for my child.

    • Samantha J.

      I know it says 7-11 but some could be relevant for KS3? Xx

      • Steph W.

        May be good for school??

        • Angela M.

          I’ve just ordered it xx

          • Deb T.

            Amy would you recommend it for a 6yr old too? She's quite bright x

            • Amy E.

              Yes my daughter was 6 and 9 months when she had this. There’s nothin in there wouldn’t suit a 6 yr old. It’s the understanding of what the words mean but I helped her through that. The main character is like a friendly alien, it tells u about her experiences then asks you to say what yours are and how to overcome that. One great section is about being scared of something, my daughters fear is dogs and the example was dogs. It really really helped

              • Helen W.

                I’ll order one of those... thank you xxx

                • Emma H.

                  just got a similar book for Bri shall see how that goes thanks hunn x

                  • Hannah C.

                    Hi! Do you think it would help a 7 year old with eating anxiety?

                    • Emma L.

                      I’m a CBT therapist and this book is on our clinic shelf, we would recommend this, techniques are age appropriate

                      • Hayley B.

                        Would this be ok for a 12 year old??

                        • Natalie G.

                          Hi, I have an 8year old with eating anxiety, would this book help??

                          • Hannah P.

                            Thanks alot hun just bought it xx