Doctor Who Tardis Model Making Kit £2.50 @ Red House

20 August 2010

dcWho1 I'm VERY excited about this Doctor Who Tardis model making kit!

I love Doctor Who, but I know a little girl who loves him even more than me so I've just ordered this for her - that's one Christmas pressie sorted and ticked off MY list!

How awesome is this book?! Well it is if you're a Doc Who fan anyway, perhaps not so much if you're not!

dcWho2It doesn't matter whether your favourite Doctor Who was Patrick Troughton or Peter Davidson - actually, I thought he was a bit wimpy for the Doctor, by far the best of my childhood days was Tom Baker and his super long scarf! 

And of the modern day Docs, it has to be David Tennant for me - we talk about a lot of things at PlayPennies HQ but the issue of who is the best Doctor Who is the one most frequently debated, and this Tardis model making kit book just happens to feature the lovely David; result!

dcWho3Annnnyway, back to the deal!  With this book you can build and create some stunning 3D Tardis models just from the pages it contains, and without the need for glue and scissors.

This HAS to be a bonus - glue, kids, scissors...not always my idea of fun! But making Tardis models without the need for all that faff - brilliant!

The usual price for this book is £9.99, but you can have it from Red House, delivered to your door, for just £2.50.

Thanks to andywedge over at HUKD!

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  • Tamsin O.
  • Lynley O.
    OK if you're going to call yourself a Dr Who fan then ... it is Peter Davison not Davidson! :P
  • gunner
    Lynley, Are you the founder member of the nipickers society of Doctor Who, truely its not important?
  • Lynley O.
    Ha ha Gunner! You'd be surprised :)

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