'Do as you would be done by...' free book @ Lovereading.co.uk

'Do as you would be done by...' free book @ Lovereading.co.uk

Do-as-you-would-coverLovereading are offering you a copy of this superb book for absolutely nothing at all, just download it and it’s all yours! It’s a must-read for parents and primary school children that will teach you some important lessons and help with those tricky situations. 

Written by Hugh Salmon, the book ‘Do as you would be done by...’is one of this website’s best sellers is fun and easy to read. The book is all about teaching kids to make this world a better place, helping them to understand that kindness and goodness go a long way in making for a happier life. 

The reviews of this book have been excellent and it has inspired me to download a copy for myself and my daughter, who’s nearly of primary school age. I love the philosophy that this book promotes and want her to adopt the same attitude.Doasyou

The lovely illustrations and text, put forward the idea humorously and gently without being preachy. It talks about tidying up, telling the truth and sharing your things. It’s well worth sharing with your kids, no matter how old they are!


Thanks to aerdna at HUKD!


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