The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas £2.99 @ Red House Books

The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas £2.99 @ Red House Books

Red House Books are selling copies of The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas for £2.99 rather than £6.99.

Dinosaurs and poo - well that'll put this book at the top of the 'books that kids LOVE' list!  Anything that involves poo and wee - like Father Christmas Needs A Wee, another very popular Christmas book - wins kids over in a heartbeat.

I love traditional Christmas stories; Raymond Briggs' The Snowman is just so wonderfully innocent and festive, it's almost enough to melt the coldest of Christmas hearts.  But you can't beat a good Christmas story that's almost the complete opposite:  not remotely traditional and involves POO.

Here's a brief synopsis: Danny gets a dinosaur for Christmas, the dinosaur eats everything in sight, including Christmas.  As we all know, what goes in must come out and the eaten Christmas does indeed come back out!

I can hear children, across the land, laughing and giggling and reveling in the many utterances of the word POO!

Single item delivery usually costs £2.80; this code will give you free delivery - 132XMAS - but you can only use it once, so if you think there might be other things over at Red House books that you might like...take a good look around before you checkout and use that code.

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