Dino Supersaurus Doodle And Sticker Books Review

Dino Supersaurus Doodle And Sticker Books Review

CaptureI took my children to the Natural History Museum a little while ago, and they absolutely loved it. What I didn't love was the harrassment to buy one of every type of dinosaur item in the gift shop on our way out. Fortunately I had two dinosaur books squirrelled away in the cupboard at home, perfect for fixing the dinosaur frenzy. 

The Dino Supersaurus books we have are the 2000 Stickers book* and the Doodlesauraus Book*, which also comes with 1000 stickers.

Doodlesaurus Book comes fully packed with a gazillion things to do. Children can sketch, doodle, scribble and scrawl their favourite Dino Supersaurs. and there's so much inspiration for stretching their imaginations. Something they do really well in this book is to create a 'half' a picture and then kids have to fill in the rest. In one of the first tasks they show you the 'bad' dinosaur and his gadgets. Then there are three 'good' dinosaurs where the child can create gadgets for them. My daughter gave them multi-directional eyes, built in roller-blade feet, web hands (she's never seen spiderman!) and so on. An older child would definitely be able to come up with some amazingly imaginative ideas with the suggestions and cues from the Doodlesaurus Book.

The DoodleSaurus Sticker Book is a hybrid mix of  a cartoon book and a sticker activity book. The - what I will loosely term a story - follows the good dinosaurs as they face a battle against the bad dinosaurs.

The pages have places for stickers, of which there are around 2000. There are 'missing pieces' to fill, spot the difference games, colouring in and all sorts. Well, this is a brilliant idea. It pretty much involves the child actively in the story as it unfolds. Very nicely done. 

That said, I'd say it's a little old for my four year old but I can't see an age guide anywhere. I'd imagine 6+.

I think both of these are great for train journeys, car journeys, rainy days and more.


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