Diary Of Edward The Hamster £3 @ Asda

Asda are selling the Diary of Edward the Hamster books for half price - £3 instead of £6.

My youngest son is called Edward, so seeing a deal on a book called Diary of Edward the Hamster, naturally, caught my eye!  However, I wouldn't recommend buying it for a youngster - it's dark, they won't understand it and you'll end up with a little animal activist who wants to free all hamsters, everywhere.

After reading this excerpt you'll see what I mean...

Wednesday, May 7th

Two of them came today, dragged me out of my cage and put me in some kind of improvised maze made out of books and old toilet tubes. A labyrinth with no escape. They were treating it like some kind of game, laughing and squealing as I desperately scrabbled from blind alley to blind alley, but I knew it was no game.

They're trying to crush my will, to grind me down. They can take my freedom, but they will never take my soul. My name is Edward, and I AM A HAMSTER.

The fact that Edward is pictured on the front cover leaning against his hamster wheel, lighting a cigarette, should also give you a clue as to whom this book is aimed at: those of us who are older, from mid-teens upwards I'd say, and have a certain sense of humour.

Please arrange to collect your copy of Diary of Edward the Hamster from your local Asda, otherwise you'll almost double its cost by adding on £2.95 for home delivery.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD

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